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Welcome to We are an association of two counsellors who come from entirely different backgrounds and we have banded together to better implement our common dream of working meaningfully with people.

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Michael Cohn
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Karina Stell

Please click on any team member photo for a colour photo and the counsellor's background. You can also make contact with any of the counsellors directly from their detail page.

In our ongoing quest to provide a comprehensive service to our local clientele, we started exploring the usefulness of a website to augment our practice and the three of us conceived of early in 2002. Through our research and website development, we began to recognise the efficacy of Internet therapy/counselling, or E-Therapy Link). The wonders of the web have now made it possible not only to meet the needs of our local clients, but we have expanded our virtual practice to all corners of the earth.

Through our efforts to secure the best service possible, we have been able to secure the rights to use a proprietary fully encrypted instant messaging system which offers one of the most technologically advanced Instant Messaging systems available to date. This was the overriding factor which enabled us to begin counselling online. For more comprehensive information, please browse our site.

We would advise that we do not accept any payment from our clients until we feel that we can be of real benefit to our clients and until our clients personally feel that the relationship is such that they want to proceed on a professional basis. By this we mean that initial consultations and developing a relationship are offered without charge until such time as a defined and professional counselling contract is established.

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