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Losses in Translation

Registered member of:

Karina Stell, Dip. Of Counselling AIPC MACA MPCA (NSW & ACT), ACT Therapist, Cert IV in Training and Education - BACKGROUND

Karina Stell Photo

  • Medibank Private Provider Number: 1494101B
  • Clinical Areas of Interest:
    • Mindfulness
    • ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
    • Gestalt
    • Group work
    • Relationship therapy
    • Nonviolent Communication


I had worked in business for most of my life when a major event impelled me to seek therapeutic help. This therapeutic relationship made such a profound impact on me and the experience so moved me and changed my life that I knew I needed to make a career change. After qualifying, I became increasingly drawn to the struggles all of us as human beings face, and the unhelpful ways we use in our attempts to cope.

Having experienced my therapist gently deconstruct my well-meant but destructive solutions to my issues, I began to come face to face with my true self for the first time. So now as a therapist, my path involves walking with clients as they move toward a place of understanding of who they really might be and what is really going on in their world that is causing them to struggle, often unbearably. I have learnt that to be able to find one's true self with acceptance is the most crucial step to emotional health.

My Practice

Professionally my practice is focused on individuals, couples and families who feel lost and disconnected from who they are and where they see their life going and guiding them toward reclaiming themselves.

Additionally, I have a great love for nonviolent communication and have witnessed the profound changes this style of communication can make. This change does not only occur within one's relationships, community, workplace and social dealings, but most importantly, within one's self. It is an extremely powerful tool toward equanimity, compassion and meaningful communication, whilst always retaining our own boundaries and values.

Together, Michael Cohn and I have written several workshops addressing NVC (nonviolent communication) which we run periodically. Our feedback from attendees has been glowing and the real potential for change has been seen and acknowledged. This has become a deeply meaningful part of my practice.

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