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Fee Structure

Charges: Please note that we will not charge you until we have established a working relationship with you. Our base charges are:

For E-mail contact:
US$20 / (A$40) / (14) / (20) per e-mail exchange.
US$100 / (A$200) / (70) / (100) per month, with a maximum of 4 e-mail exchanges per week.

An e-mail exchange is limited to a maximum of 500 words in your e-mail. We will reply in depth as we see proper and it may very well be that our reply exceeds 500 words

For online chat:
US$50 (AU$100) per hour.

We also offer a sliding scale of fees for students, the unemployed and others who are not able to pay the full fees. Please contact us to negotiate a fee.

We reserve the right to change the fees, and will undertake to inform our existing clients as soon as possible of any change.

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