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Why we are different!

Why are we different?

We care!

We really do care about what we do.

We operate to the highest possible standards.

And we have a track record, world-wide, which we can make available to prospective clients.

How can we offer a public track record when counselling work is strictly confidential?


As part of our work with people, we have also been involved in a non-counselling inter-personal area with thousands of clients from all over the world. These clients have been happy to offer themselves as references and have given us express permission to use their names and their letters of thanks and appreciation as references.

So, yes, we are a bit different inasmuch as we can send prospective clients hundreds of letters that attest to our deep commitment to whatever we do and a standard of service which attains the highest possible level.

We have found that it is in the furnishing of these letters and references which makes all the difference in the anonymous world of the internet. We think that once you have read through some of the reference letters, you will feel reassured that you will be dealing with warm, caring, committed people of integrity - people with whom you can feel comfortable establishing a therapeutic and real relationship.

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