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Counselling for Student Counsellors

Should You Counsel Without Having Been Counselled Yourself?

We don't think so and have therefore set up "Counselling-For-Counsellors", an arm of our practice which offers subsidised counselling for student counsellors. Our group of practicing counsellors offers hourly sessions for as low as A$45 per hour to bona fide counselling students in order to give them the very real experience of 'being counselled'. We believe that this is a crucial aspect of training.

How can you sit with your clients as they struggle with difficult self-disclosure if you yourself have not faced that struggle? How can you hope to understand and introject ethical values, boundary issues, notions of transference and countertransference, empathy, silence, pacing etc if you have not had the experience of having had these 'vivified' while you yourself are being counselled?

And once you have qualified and are registered, we would hope that you, too, would join us and offer a few hours each month to student counsellors who are in training!

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